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Are your desks eating into company profits?

Crescent-shaped and oversized desks maybe costing you more than you think. This type of space-hungry furniture is often no longer required. Large desktop computers, and the need for space to handle paper documents are on the decrease, so the furniture sized and designed to meet these needs are now drastically over providing.

If your office space needs are drastically reduced, the office space itself could be reduced, or re-used in a more profitable way. Commercial interior designers Amos Beech claim to have reduced the leasing space of one of their clients down from 20,000 sq ft down to 14,000 sq ft, according 6000 sq ft in London is going to cost you anywhere from £396,000 in Canary Wharf to up to £894,000 in St James’s annually!

Sit/stand desks not only can help a company’s bottom line through productivity, but also in more tangible ways too. Our hand-made solid english oak desk tops start from 120cm x 70cm. Get the entire desk from as little as £339 per unit.

“For one client we installed a sit-stand workstation for every member of staff. The client told us everyone loved it, people were talking to each other much more than they did before, there was real buzz to the office that there wasn’t before.”

Sam James, Amos Beech, Commercial Interiors