Solid Wood Tops FAQs

We make solid wood tops easier and cheaper. This review explains what we are trying to achieve:

“I [landed on the website] not entirely sure what I wanted. After a good read and look around all of my questions were answered. I was able to make an informed decision about what I wanted. Reached out and was able to get my order started faster than I expected. Would definitely recommend” (Gary Munshower, 2024)

Once Gary’s order request was placed, we set to work getting him the exact top at the best price, we can often beat our calculator tool estimate. We are quick to answer your queries, and we already have a comprehensive knowledge bank of articles designed to help explain the most commonly asked questions, just take a look below…

Desk tops?

Products titled “desk tops” include the table top only, not the legs/frame. For IKEA products, the fittings for the desk top come with the frame. Any other accessories you see in the pictures are not included.

How it works

  1. Place your order request on our website. No payment required.
  2. We reach out to our network of skilled companies with your requirements.
  3. We inform you of the best option, and if you agree, send all your order information to them directly.
  4. They will be in touch to take care of your order from there, including payment.

What if you don’t like the matched company?

  • There is no obligation to proceed with the order.
  • We can share other relevant suppliers for you to choose from instead.

What makes a company good fit for your order?

  • Speciality (product or wood type)
  • Price
  • Current availability
  • Proximity to the delivery address

How much does the desk top weigh?

Enter your dimensions on a custom sized product page to see the approximate weight under the price.

How do I clean my desk top?

Our article ‘How to look after your solid wood desk top’ discusses how to prevent damage, clean, maintain and repair your top.

The article ‘How to repair a damaged area on your solid wood desk top’ has a step by step guide on how to sand back oiled finished oak and walnut.

What do all the options mean?

Check out our jargon buster article to help you make the right choices about the finer details of your solid wood desk top:

How will it be delivered?

The supplier will arrange with you the best delivery option. Tops are packaged using as much packaging material as is required for the delivery method chosen. No more, no less.

When will my order be ready?

Usually within 3-6 weeks from placing the order with the chosen supplier. You will be given an estimated delivery date before paying for the desk top.

When should I order?

As soon as you are settled on the dimensions of your table top, place your order.

Concerned about placing a custom order request online?

If you are not 100% sure as to what desk frame you are going to purchase, place the order for the table top now, and we can change the compatibility of your desk top without charge later on. Desk frames are stock items and so usually are dispatched much quicker.

How do you price your desk tops?

By the square meter depending on wood type, plus any extras you may decide to add when configuring your top. We have a desk top pricing calculator. The estimate factors in delivery and is inclusive of VAT.

All our partners are based in the UK; as such there will be no customs/border charges for UK customers.

Recent articles by topic:

Custom size? Same price.

Desk top prices are worked out using a going market rate formula. There are no extra charges for non-regular sizes. Calculate your price and order in minutes.


Learn more about our service, the quality of our partners sustainably sourced wood, how desk tops are priced, delivery timescales and more. Read our articles or FAQs.

Flexible delivery options

Our trusted partners are located around the country. Allow us to arrange delivery, pick up from the workshop yourself, or book your own courier.

Money back promise

Order requests have no cost or obligation. If you do decide to confirm, you are protected if there is a problem with the size, design, quality or wood. Order with confidence.

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