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SHRM shows standing desks are the perfect perk

With more than 300,000 members in over 165 countries the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the world’s largest Human Resources society. Every year they release the Employee Benefits Report, an extensive survey focussing on the types of benefits employers based in the United States offer their employees.

Why offer employee benefits?

In the technology arena more than most, the job market is evolving to be candidate-driven; meaning companies need to offer benefits and incentives to recruit and retain top employees.

Companies favour standing desks when it comes to employee wellness benefits

44% of companies that increased employee benefits focussed on offering more wellness benefits. Perks like fitness competition prizes, first aid training, and of course, the standing desks. From 20% in 2014, employees offering standing desks as a benefit has risen year by year up to 53% as of 2018.

Rather than a fad, standing desks are showing steady growth, highlighting the real and measurable improvement they offer workers.

“Wellness benefits can help reduce the likelihood of employees developing four of the 10 most costly health conditions for U.S. employers—angina pectoris (chest pain), high blood pressure, diabetes and heart attack.”

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

What about freelancers?

If you are a freelancer, think for a moment why businesses offer benefits in the first place. Organisations in the U.S. spend approximately 30% of their total compensation costs on employee benefits, they do so as overall it offers a return on their investment.

Learn from the big boys, be careful not to underestimate the increase in productivity your business would experience if you were kinder to yourself every once in a while! Why not start with a sit stand desk, we have reviews on affordable options, like the Skarsta and Bekant; and we offer a premium solid oak table top to compliment the perfect office space you are curating.