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Train – How to stand at your desk: 5 of 5

The previous article about effective stretching highlighted the “One Stretch”, developed by notable Kiwi Robin McKenzie. In this article we could take the pithy words of fellow New Zealander, Arthur Lydiard as the basis of the fifth and final instalment of our ‘how to stand’ series. He famously said: “Train. Don’t strain.” As the guy who pretty much invented running as a sport in the 20th century we can probably learn a thing or two from him!

The fifth and final key to pain free standing at your sit/stand desk is building up your endurance by training.

Tip 5 of 5: “Train. Don’t strain.”

Dr. Gallagher (mentioned in the post about movement breaks) acknowledges “standing is highly demanding, and it requires some training and endurance,” it would be naive to think one could go from sedentary working conditions to standing the majority of the time in one fell swoop.

To increase your time standing, push the boundaries some what. Listen to your body when you start to feel like you want to sit down, adjust your posture to an active stance, set a timer for maybe 10 minutes, and push through the barrier. Once the time is done, enjoy your well deserved sit down rest.

Naturally, if you are feeling any strain, resting should be your priority. Remember: “Train. Don’t strain”!

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