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Affordable programable preset hack for your IKEA Bekant sit/stand desk

Sit/stand desks can command a hefty price tag, usually the more premium features require spending the big bucks. When it comes to the desk top finish, that’s our speciality (take a look at our replacement IKEA Bekant desk tops). Another attribute often lacking from the budget desks is programable presets. It’s not that it is a terribly expensive enhancement to include from a manufacturing point of view, but it is most definitely a useful one that might tempt you to stump up a bit more cash when you’re in the mood for investing in your office space!

As with most things, if you are willing to get your hands dirty, you can get programmable positions on your IKEA Bekant for as little as ~£40. This is where the Megadesk comes in, with a bit of tinkering you can retro fit this functionality. If you wanted to source the hardware yourself for even cheaper, the creator has open sourced his source code, this is definitely something I intend to have a play around with!

Here is a short video of it in action: