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Don’t forget to sit at your sit/stand desk

A common problem once you start getting used to standing whilst working is actually forgetting to sit. One of the major benefits of a sit/stand desk is not just standing, but being able to change your posture regularly.

“The best position to work in, is always the next one.”

Marc Turina, Ergonomist, Ergosmart

So, don’t forget to sit at your sit/stand desk. It is however important that when sitting, you sit correctly. Improper sitting conditions can lead to conditions such as tendinitis, bulging disc and carpal tunnel.

Diagram highlighting the potential conditions caused by of sitting incorrectly

We have covered the basics of how to stand at your desk, here are some simple tips to help you not undo the good work you have done when sitting.

Chair Height

The correct height balances comfort with correct positioning of your arms and feet. Your arms should be positioned by your side so you can comfortably and naturally access your keyboard and mouse. Your feet should be firmly grounded, and not dangling. Depending on your proportions, you may need an adjustable height foot rest, but generally your sit/stand desk will allow you to adjust the height of your desk to match your chair and proportions, negating the need for another purchase.

Backrest Angle

Ideally you are looking for a 15 degree angle whilst sitting as you should be leaning back against the back rest, so your spine is supported whilst working. Any more than 15 degrees and you will notice you not using the full height of the back rest, which can lead to discomfort after a short while.

Mouse and Keyboard Position

The key here is your elbows should not extend away from your body, so your keyboard and mouse should be positioned to allow for comfortable easy access. A technique that requires a bit of practice can also benefit you, not allowing your wrist to rest on the desk. The desk and chair height play a part in this too.

Monitor Position

Generally speaking, if your eyesight allows, you want your monitor to be a full arms stretch away. So extend your arm toward your monitor, you should just be able to touch it with the tips of your fingers.

Avoid Over-reaching

If your job involves extra items that you frequently use, like a telephone, printed documentation (or an ever present cup of coffee), set them down close to you. If you find your self reaching for these items frequently, you could subconsciously adjust your posture to make accessing the items easier, to the detriment of your posture.

Frequent Movement

Finally, try not to sit down for longer than 1 hour. If your not ready to stand again, then at least get up and walk around.

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