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Making IKEA desk tops play nice with monitor mounts and camera clamps

If you are looking into upgrading your display set up to allow for 2 or 3 monitors, you will likely be doing some pretty intense research on which monitor mount to use. Or maybe you are getting into podcasting or want to live stream video, the mic and camera are important, but the clamp you use is also a major factor. The problem? IKEA desk tops are just not cut out for holding weight with a clamp.

IKEA desk tops mainly are made from cardboard, with a veneer casing. They can usually withstand a fair amount of weight when spread across the whole surface, however, if you apply pressure to a localised area, then add an unusual amount of weight to that specific spot, you are going to run into problems as these guys know all too well. We have some solutions for you:

Get a solid wood desk top for use with your clamps

Many of our customers come to us for this exact purpose. They have had a nightmare situation with clamps sinking into IKEA desk tops, or the lean in for their monitor mounts just got too annoying for them. We make desk tops using solid wood that fit straight on top of your IKEA base. We also make desk tops for different desk brands too, even some fancy sit stand desk manufacturers use this inferior method for their desk tops. If cost is a concern, check out our post on how to get a solid wood desk for cheaper than you might think.

Reinforce your desk top with solid wood panels

This is a bit of a DIY approach, but should be possible without too much hassle. What’s the worst that could happen? The technique would involve cutting two pieces of wood, top and bottom, maybe finishing them off in a way that is not too intrusive and clamping your monitor mount or camera/mic mount to that. It should help distribute the weight. I actually found a 3 minute video detailing this here.

But really, think about getting a solid oak or pine desk top, you won’t regret it. Here are some reasons why we will do a great job for you…

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