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IKEA Idåsen Reviews

The IKEA Idåsen positions itself as cooler cousin of the IKEA Bekant. It’s industrial look and colour combinations distinguish it from the budget student desk feel, the Bekant now has a lower price price, now sitting at £55 less than the Idåsen. We feel it’s worth the extra dosh…

As with all sit/stand desks from IKEA, you are going to get a lot of people reviewing it harshly. This generally stems from them comparing IKEA’s range with sit/stand desk giants who not only out perform IKEA’s desks, but also out price them, massively. So without comparing apples to oranges, what do you get from the Idåsen other than it’s stocky aesthetic?

A quick look at what people are saying:

Bad: Cheap feel laminated desk tops…

The Idåsen desk top offering is in between that of the Skarsta and Bekant in terms of options. But well below both in terms of quality. The desktops are heavily grained, as pictured, and actually are poorly constructed. Btod (mentioned above) actually cut open the top to see why it felt so cheap, and found inside its structure is maintained using cardboard, they said “This is without question the cheapest top we have tested to date.”

…and the silver lining

This cut back plays into our offering very well. Ikea have put all the value into the legs and motor, and skimped on the desk top. Btod recommend the old trick of swapping out the top with a kitchen top, as many have done successfully before, alternatively we offer replacement premium table tops for Idåsen sit/stand desks (and any other range/table. If we don’t have what you need, please feel free to get in touch with us).

IKEA Idåsen Video Reviews

Here are two videos, the first is a real life review from the UK. It’s a very honest review, detailing some ‘niggles’ he has found, mainly regarding the bluetooth/app set up, it’s well worth a watch if you are looking to purchase. The second is a full review from an American company that do provide a really comprehensive review, it’s linked above.

Ikea desk frame reviews

Good: Third party electronics

Linak linear actuator system and control box

The Idasen is the only sit/stand desk by Ikea to use the Linak linear actuator system and control box. Linak are industry leaders, so that’s a good start. The facts of the matter are a little less flattering, being that IKEA are using one of their base set ups here, but it is still better than the Bekant.

One thing Linak evidently suck at though is evidently firmware. Their Bluetooth interface and app interface for controlling presets etc is absolutely shocking. Do not be fooled by futuristic claims, you will not use the app to manage the desks height!

If you are happy to stick to the basics though, taking it as an upgrade on the manual crank offered by Skarsta, then happy days!

Good: Best stability of any IKEA sit/stand desk

This is no overstatement. If you live near an IKEA I encourage you to go and test it out. Normally they sit the Idåsen, Skarsta and Bekant close together, and that is the order in which they line up when it comes to stability. Going from excellent, to good, to below average.

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