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Small desks for home offices & tight spaces

Mini desk

Trying to fit a workable office into a studio flat or second bedroom has become a common challenge. Traditional desk sizes of at least 1200mm are no longer feasible in many work environments. If this describes you, you need a mini desk.

Desk frame manufacturers are responding to the new smaller size requirement of the home office market, we have a round up of some of the best options for small desks to suit your budget, including sit/stand desk frames, steel or wooden furniture legs, custom height furniture legs, battens, and custom desk top sizes or shapes.

Super small sit/stand desk frames

If being height adjustable is a priority for your desk, initial searches may have returned few results. The key players with lots of reviews like Ikea and Fully do not cater well for the mini-desk-movement.

The table below lists some frames that may meet your requirements.

Desk FramePrice (ex VAT)Min WidthMin DepthTypeWarranty
Conset 501-19 060£472600mm500mmPedestal2 Years
Conset 501-37 072£429720mm560mm2 Leg2 Years
E:Lift 600£581800mm600mm2 Leg5 Years
Flexispot E1£2321000mm500mm2 Leg2 Years
Yo-Yo Desk Learn£239600mm560mmPedestal3 Years
HADO HD2 Mini£4931000mm580mm2 Leg7 Years
A comparison of the smallest sit/stand desk frames

Non sit/stand mini desk options

If you do not need a height adjustable mechanism, battens or pairing a set of furniture legs to a desk top of any size could be perfect solution to your mini-desk conundrum.

Furniture legs

As our blog post ‘The cheapest way to get a hand made solid wood table or desk’ details some IKEA leg options, and as the title indicates, you could get your office space up and running on a limited budget. You might also want to look into legs from The Hairpin Leg Company or Heritage Components, many of our customers purchase 3rd party legs, get them delivered directly to us, and we fit (and even finish) them free of charge. (Make sure you have got the right delivery address from us after you have placed your order.)

Specific height furniture legs

If you needed your desk top to be at a specific height, but not necessarily a sit/stand desk, you could look into the GERTON or OLOV legs from Ikea, or we can make solid wood removable legs to your exact height requirement.

Battens for small desks

Supporting a top with battens can be particularly useful with alcoves etc, freeing up your under desk space, making more room for computer towers, storage or even your own legs! We can supply battens cut to size for your convenience. Battens can be screwed easily enough into supporting walls, but do consider the strength of the walls and wether or not you are the home owner.

Custom sized solid wood desk tops

Once you have chosen the perfect frame or furniture legs, you can use our Custom Size Solid Wood Desk/Table Top product to order a desk top to the exact size you need, down to the millimetre, making the most out every bit of space available to you.

Our beautifully finished solid oak, pine or walnut desk tops make sure that your desk is not an eyesore outside of the 9-5, which is especially important if the work space is in a living area or bedroom.

Remember to factor in the thickness of the desk top (e.g. 18mm, 23mm, 27mm etc) if you have a particular working height that you are aiming for.

Custom shaped small desk tops

A final piece to the puzzle could be to make your top a custom shape.

Maybe a door swing gets in the way of one corner of the desk? We can round it off. Maybe there is a boxed off pipe in the alcove? We can cut an inlet for it. Just provide us with the key measurements by uploading a sketch when adding the desk top to basket. Our custom shape option costs £36 inc VAT.

Buy your small desk top today

If you are sure about the size you want for your desk top, now is the right time to place an order for your solid oak, pine or walnut desk top. View our full range of compatible tops here.

Why Solid Wood Tops?

Custom size? Same price.

Desk top prices are worked out using a going market rate formula. There are no extra charges for non-regular sizes. Calculate your price and order in minutes.


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