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Flytta desk frames, made in Sweden, offer are a perfect match for 3rd party desk top providers. Frame width adjustment allows your frame and top to be exactly the dimentions you require.

Learn about our Flytta compatible tops No pre-drilled holes

Flytta oak/pine/walnut table top

Cost over minimum order value



Custom Shape

If you would like a custom shape upload your diagram here. (+ £50 on average) Learn More

(max file size 64 MB)

Rounded Corners

Would you like a curve on each of the four corners? Specify the corner radius (leave blank if square, please use mm). (+ £20 on average) Learn More


Choose your edge, our slight chamfer to the edges for comfort is most popular. Learn More

Grommet hole cover

Matching solid wood grommet hole covers. If the chosen wood is pine, maple will be used for a better colour match. Learn More (£20 per cover)

Samples Required

If you will require samples sending out before confirming your order, please indicate the quantity Learn More (£7 per sample)


Explain any additional request here, e.g. “80mm grommet hole 100mm from top left.” Learn More

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Due to high demand we are happy to confirm the Flytta range of sit/stand desk frames are compatible with 3rd party desk top providers. All current retail outlets offer the desk to be sold ‘Frame Only’ at a discount of between £70 and £200 depending on size and model. Take the saving and invest it into solid wood top that will not only transform your office space visually, but also offer good value due to high quality long-lasting raw materials.

All Flytta models (1, 2 and 3; referring to how many motors it is equipped with) come with a width range, meaning you can set the width anywhere from 115 – 174cm. This means there are no special inserts or holes that come predrilled with a table top purchased directly with your unit, as the fixing locations could differ for each installation. Making it a perfect fit for use with 3rd party table tops.

Table tops are fitted using wood screws (self tapping screws), this would be the same for a solid wood top. We would recommend pre-drilling a small pilot hole for best results, but this is not required.

Pair your Flytta desk frame with a solid wood table top from us, at the exact size you want, ensuring both the frame and top length meet your personal specification.

How to get the perfect Flytta desk

  1. Buy the Flytta desk frame of your choice. Be sure to go ‘Frame Only’.
  2. Buy our desk top from this page (from £115 including delivery)
  3. Enjoy your beautiful hand-made hardwood desk.

Oak or Pine?

This is a matter of preference, and also budget. Oak and pine have their own properties. Oak is a hard wood, whilst pine has hard and soft wood properties. Pine visually has a less tight grain, but still has lots of character. Pine is easier to mark and less glossy to touch and look at, and so you may wish to apply a polyurethane finish. Oak is less likely to mark when spilled on, and has a glossier finish.

Monitor Stand Offer

Combine your desk with any size hand made monitor stand and save £15 with the code: ZEROWASTE

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