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Extend and convert your kitchen island into a dining table with a solid wood table top

Kitchen islands have become a staple in modern kitchen design. They offer additional storage space, a focal point for gathering around and extra countertop real estate. However, kitchen islands have worked their way into the modern kitchen at the cost of the dining table for many in average sized homes.

In a normal week, it’s a valid trade off. Some kitchen islands have space for a couple of stools, maybe more, but what about when you want to entertain family and friends? Eating on your lap in the living room works for a takeaway, but what about something more special? Something more structured? The dining table provided a comfortable space to enjoy quality time, just eating and talking, two of life’s great pleasures!

Solid Wood Tops have developed a solution. A hybrid solution. A table top that fits perfectly on your kitchen island, converting it temporarily into a dining table. Quickly create a space where you can relax with 4 or 6 or more people around a table, then store it away when you don’t need it.

The best way to understand how the kitchen island converter/extender works is to watch our 45 second explainer video, here it is:

The Kitchen Island Converter/Extender improving your living space in a 100% customisable way.

What options are available to customise the converter?

  • Frame location: every kitchen space and kitchen island is different. Discuss with professionals how best to locate the frame for the best result.
  • Custom shape: unique shapes can be sat on top of the frame.
  • Size and position of extended sections: Extend away from the kitchen island in which direction suits your requirements best.
  • Wood choices: choose the best solid wood for your budget and aesthetic, including the thickness based on your existing top and the height of the kitchen island.
  • Finish: stain, protected, oil or varnish your top to make it just what you need.
  • Edges: bullnose, chamfer, square edges etc, the finer details ensure the table looks just right.
  • Rounded corners: create extra seating locations or make it easy to walk around the table with a completely customisable radius on any of the corners.
  • Hinge: fold the table in half for easy storage.

What happens if someone leans on one end?

Why doesn’t it tip up? The frame is built to be the same height as the thickness of your existing kitchen island top. The fit is so precise that the top forms a vacuum that creates an incredibly solid connection to the kitchen island. Every converter’s size is different though. When modelling your top with computer aided design, if there could be issues with the physics, additional toggles will be built in to ensure the top cannot be tipped up.

How does it store away?

The exact nature of how it is stored is up to you. Customise the top to be the most efficient shape and size. Additionally hidden hinges can be built in to make it easier to store.

A kitchen island with a solid oak, pine, walnut or ply dining tabletop can transform your kitchen. Set up an order request by using our calculator tool today, and we will be in touch to start the process.

Custom size? Same price.

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