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Solid wood desk/table top options explained

When buying a solid wood table top for your desk frame, you are commissioning a beautiful piece of furniture.

Likely you have an idea of how your desk should look, it may need to be the centre piece of a carefully considered workspace, or it may need to blend into a room with another primary function and existing style. Either way, it is often the details that can make your vision really come to fruition.

It is important our ordering process is kept as simple as possible. Too many options can leave you swimming in jargon, too few could leave you frustrated. So we have honed our questions to the below, but remember, we are also just a phone call or email away if you have any further questions or want something specific.

Custom Shape (+ approx. £50 inc VAT)

A desk doesn’t have to be a perfect rectangle. If you can sketch it, we can make it. Upload your requirements (from a pen & paper sketch to a 3D CAD render) in this section.

Custom shapes are also useful if you intend to use your table top for a bay window, window seat, coffee table or multi-purpose table.

Custom shapes we have done in the past range from trapezoids to waves, from J shapes to corner cutouts. Currently very popular is the contour shape (shown below). All can be added and detailed by uploading a sketch to this option, see below for the type of document we need.

Do not use the custom shape option for:

  • Drilling pilot holes: We would recommend you use our pilot hole on delivery service. Generally measurements taken are not accurate enough, hole sizes could also knock your measurements out. In the worst cases the holes could be just enough out to really cause a problem fixing your desk top securely.
  • Grommet holes: We drill these any size and location for free!
  • L shaped desk tops: see how to order an L shaped table top here.
  • Very complicated designs: please get in touch first, we will be happy to advise further.

Real examples of acceptable custom shape sketches

Rounded Corners (+ approx. £20 inc VAT)

Would you like the 4 square corners rounding off? We can do that for you. Not to be confused with a chamfered edge.

Please input the size of the corner you would like. How do you work out a radius corner? This video is useful, though not produced by us. Or you can download this A4 PDF, either print out or imagine at A4 size to work out your radius.

Some customers have asked for rounded corners as they have toddlers running around with the desk at head height, others have said they think it gives the top a modern feel when used without edge boards.

The two desks below are 15mm (left) and 50mm (right).

Edge profiles

We have updated this section with a full blog post, click below to learn more.


We have updated this section with a full blog post, click below to learn more.

Edge Boards/Reverse Grain Ends

Currently not available.

Add end caps to your table top with wood running perpendicular either side.

Some say a desk with edge boards looks more traditional, other say a desk without edge boards can look more modern. There is no right or wrong, and the edge boards will not affect the strength of your desk, they are a purely aesthetic, and as such this is entirely a matter of personal preference.

Bear in mind before ordering a top with reverse grain ends our note here about wood shrinkage, this could impact wether you choose to go with or without edge boards.

Pilot holes on delivery – Not available

Not available.

Many desk frames (like Conset or Flexispot) do not come with tops that have predrilled holes, as the frame itself is extendable. In this case, the top they ship with the frame would not have pilot holes, and so you would drill into the top with wood screws.

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Freebies on request

We can drill grommet holes or cut aways, affix cable trays, accessories and hair pin/industrial legs etc free of charge. Just send them to our workshop after you place your order. Please leave clear instructions (grommet hole diameter and location, cut away depth and position, intent to send legs or accessories) in the order notes at checkout. We will send you an order specific address to send any purchases to us after your order has been placed.

Something else?

If you want to push the boat out, we likely can support your request, maybe you have a custom profile in mind, a specific finish or treatment, a different wood or thickness than we offer online. We have been making quality furniture for 20+ years, and have a team of highly skilled cabinet makers; get in touch with us today to start the process. Learn more by reading this post: Adding custom features to your desk top: trims, cable trays, drawers etc

Custom trim around the desk top

Why choose Solid Wood Tops?

Custom size? Same price.

Desk top prices are worked out using a going market rate formula. There are no extra charges for non-regular sizes. Calculate your price and order in minutes.


Learn more about our service, the quality of our partners sustainably sourced wood, how desk tops are priced, delivery timescales and more. Read our articles or FAQs.

Flexible delivery options

Our trusted partners are located around the country. Allow us to arrange delivery, pick up from the workshop yourself, or book your own courier.

Money back promise

Order requests have no cost or obligation. If you do decide to confirm, you are protected if there is a problem with the size, design, quality or wood. Order with confidence.

Our customers love our service & tops

“A great experience. They were very thorough in their follow up emails to ensure they knew exactly what I was asking for. Would recommend.”

Read the full review on Trustpilot: Merlin Webster, 2024

“Today my desk arrived, and it is far beyond anything I could have hoped for. The wood is gorgeous, and a wonderful finish. Solid, well made, and something I’ll treasure for years. I cannot recommend these guys enough, I was blown away by my product, and you will be too.”

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