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The key to creating an ergonomic workspace

Having a sit/stand desk and training yourself to use it is one thing; using it properly (by maintaining good posture, changing positions, regular stretching etc) is another; the final hurdle though could render your efforts futile: creating an ergonomic work space.

Even with the perfect standing or sitting desk height you could still be straining your neck, back and shoulders if you don’t give thought to how your workspace is configured. The enemy to good posture is the laptop. If you are using your laptop keyboard and screen at the same time, it is very likely your posture paying the price for the convenience. You will find yourself hunching over your computer, or your neck tilted down at a severe an angle.

A separation of concerns

Your monitor, keyboard and mouse/trackpad are tethered together by your laptop body, not because that’s the best place for them, but because it is convenient for when you are on the move. When your laptop is sat on your desk, that reason is void. Invest in a decent keyboard and mouse as a priority, and then a monitor second. You can use the screen on your laptop in the mean time, just elevate it using a monitor stand or stand.

Laying out your peripherals

You will find much advice on where to place your keyboard, mouse and keyboard. Most of it is common sense. Try and square off your joints, so no body part is contorted. If you focus on your monitor/neck position first, the other elements should fit into place. As soon as your eye line is not square, your other joints will compensate, and your posture could start to suffer.

Your monitor’s ideal location is about 20-28 inches away, and tilted at a 20 degree angle.

So, the key to creating an ergonomic workspace? Don’t use your laptop keyboard/mouse, and spend time to set your perfect screen position. Get that right, and everything else should fall into place.

A plug for our Solid Wood Monitor stand

The main problem with monitor position is elevating your screen high enough. If you have a height adjusting monitor, that will definitely help, but if you are using your laptop screen, or have a static bracket (or one with limited adjustment) you will likely need to raise your whole unit higher.

Our solid wood monitor stand might be the thing you are looking for. Either choose our preconfigured dimensions, or we can make the stand your exact specification at no premium, just get in touch with us. What’s more, if you order your monitor stand along with a custom solid wood desk top (Skarsta, Bekant, Idåsen compatible or a custom top) we will make your monitor shelf out of matching wood, you will qualify for free delivery and can use the discount code: ZEROWASTE for £15 off! Such is our dedication to helping you improve your posture and get rid of tech neck!