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What is an edge profile? Which edge is best for your desk/table top?

Did you know when working 9-5 at a desk 6 days a week you are really living life on the edge? Your wrists and forearms are probably in almost constant contact with the edge of your desk! When ordering a bespoke desk, it pays to give some thought to how this edge will look, feel and age over time. For comfort an edge profile can take off the ‘sharp edge’ from the table top. There are many options for the profile or shape of the edge, this post gives a run down of some popular choices.

Edge profile photos

  1. Full Bull Nose
  2. Half Bull Nose
  3. Large Chamfer
  4. Standard Chamfer

What is an edge profile on a solid wood desk top?

Every desk top has length and depth. It also has thickness. The edge profile is the shape of how that thickness is exposed. It should not be confused with rounded corners.

Generally the edge can be applied to both the top and bottom. Some edges, like half/full/demi bullnose bullnose, shark nose are by definition are not replicable on the top and bottom. I.e. half bull nose on the top and bottom would become a full bullnose edge.

What edge profile options are there?

No Edge Profile (Square)

Also known as a ‘butchers block’ style. Some customers find having no chamfered edge can lead to some discomfort when working a whole day at the desk, it all depends on how you rest your hands/wrists on your desk.

Chamfer Edge Profiles

This is where the edge corner is removed at a 45 degree angle. The chamfer can vary in size, generally a slight chamfer will be 6mm, and a large chamfer closer to 24mm. Some feel that a larger chamfer can help with carpel tunnel syndrome symptoms.

Bullnose Edge Profiles

An exaggerated curving of the edge, generally in relation to the thickness of the top, rather than a measurement. I.e. half bullnose will curve the top to the middle point of the edge. Full bull nose would do the same from the bottom. Small pencil round edge shown for comparison, where the edge is a rounded to a measurement value.

Pencil Round Edge Profiles

A rounding of the top and/or bottom edges, roughly to the diameter of a pencil. A small pencil round would be the same principle but to a lesser diameter, approx 6mm.

Custom Edge Profiles

Edges often require certain tools to create. Edges can be done by hand, but the time to do this can be cost prohibitive. If you have an edge you are trying to match, or you have seen an edge you particularly like, drop us an email with a reference and we can let you know how easy/hard it would be to replicate.

NOTE: the interior curve of a L shaped desk cannot be finished with a shark nose edge profile.

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