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Dining table tops – what to consider when configuring a solid wood top

“The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table.” This truth stretches back thousands of year and will continue to stretch forward into the future… all the more reason to make sure your dining table:
1) looks amazing, 2) is durable and 3) is the perfect size for the room.

These 3 objectives can be reached no matter what space you have available, let’s take a deep dive into how Solid Wood Tops can help you commission a perfect solid oak, pine or walnut dining table top.

A picture is worth a thousand words so take a look at some recent projects, from the conventional to the slightly more unique/creative

Solid wood dining table gallery

Key considerations when configuring a dining table top

Dining tables often require more depth than other tops

Most kitchen work tops have a depth of up to 600mm, most desk tops will have a depth of between 700-800mm and most dining table tops will range from 900-1000mm.

Of course, most depths can work depending on where your table is going but it is good to know the standard sizes.

Extra depth can require extra thickness to ensure the top will not bow over time – we will always advise you before accepting any order, but generally speaking 18mm walnut, oak or pine is not ideal for over 900mm.

Adding extra to depth a top increases the surface area considerably, and so the cost will increase rapidly. Which leads us on to the next consideration…

Dining tables are often bigger and so more expensive than other tops

The above formulae makes this an inescapable truth. If budget is a concern, consider the following options:

Use a cheaper wood

Consider downgrading from oak to pine, or from walnut to a walnut stained oak. Check out our customer gallery – perhaps you have the wrong impression of what a wood looks like, or can look like. For example, many people remember yellow stained pine from their childhood – but pine finished without the stain is much lighter, and might be suitable for your project.

Reduce the thickness of the wood

You might want the chunky aesthetic of 40mm oak or pine, but if the table is under 1400mm in length, a 40mm table top might be overkill. If you downgrade to ~20-30mm wood, you can balance the cost back. Alternatively, if a thick top is essential for your design, perhaps a lip can be added to create the impression of a thicker top, feel free to get in touch.

Dining tables require a more durable finish

Desk tops can often be finished with an oil or wax, this keeps most light spills at bay. Dining tables however have to endure much more trying situations. Spills might not be cleaned up for a period of time, and are unlikely to be just a drink but could include oils and staining substances.

Making a top more durable comes with a trade off: the more something is coated with an additional product, the less is feels and looks like natural wood. There are some amazing products that can be used, but they often come at a premium which makes finishing with an extra durable product a little more expensive.

Dining tables require good support

The extra depth, and often extra length means the top needs to be well supported.

Customers often use 3rd party legs, some options are discussed in this post: The cheapest way to get a hand made solid wood table or desk, another great company for creative steel fabricated leg options is Taylor’s.

Workshops can also make solid wood removable legs and deliver the top as a entire piece – great if you require the top to be an exact height.

Dining tables require a lot of space

With less emphasis being placed on dining rooms in modern builds, it can be tricky to find the space to place a traditional sized dining table. Solid Wood Tops can help you make a dining table at any length or depth or shape or height. We also have a unique product convert a kitchen island into a dining table.

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