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‘Pre-drilled hole’ options explained

Ikea compatible solid wood desk tops (namely: Skarsta, Bekant, Idasen and Rodulf) come with pre-drilled holes, and when required, plastic inserts. This means the top will fit to the frame as described in the manual, all the needed bolts etc are supplied with the frame.

All other desk tops (i.e. tops for Flexispot, Fully, E:lift, Conset, Flytta etc) do not come with pre-drilled holes.

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Why do some desk frame manufactures not use pre-drilled holes?

As long as the top is made of something relatively solid (i.e. not honeycomb cardboard) then the trusty self tapping wood screw is the best, most stable way to fix your top to the frame. The design of the wood screw offers much more purchase than a metal bolt/machine screw against a plastic insert can. Even if the bolt is threaded into a metal insert, the insert still has to attach to the desk top some how, which can create a weak point, especially if the top is not made of strong material.

Another reason is the adjustable/extendable cross beam design of many desk frames. This allows the legs to be positioned as far apart as your top/space will allow. Having lots of overhang either side of the legs could cramp the space available under the desk. If the legs of the frame can be in a variable position, then it is not possible to pre-drill holes.

For these reasons, many desk frame manufacturers do not pre-drill holes in the MDF table tops they supply. Click here to learn how to fit a desk top to a desk frame with wood screws.

Which desk frames cannot be attached by means of wood screws?

The vast majority of frames, even ones not referenced on our website directly (Yo-Yo, Furna, Friska, Autonomous, HADO, Vonhaus, the myriad of Amazon frames etc) can all use the standard method. Even Ikea frames can be attached with wood screws and washers, but we have come across the odd frame here and there that cannot be attached by means of wood screws. I.e. some models of Herman-Miller frames require specialist metal inserts. In these cases we have sacrificed the existing MDF top, removing the metal inserts and embedded them into the solid wood top. Please get it touch with some photos of the underside of the desk to see if we can do a similar thing for your project.

What about non-sit/stand desks?

If you are using industrial legs or Ikea legs, these fit with wood screws by default. If you are wanting a replacement top for an existing frame, it might be best to get in touch with some pictures so we can best advise how to proceed, generally wood screws can do the job!

Can I send the legs to the workshop for fitting?

Yes and no. Sometimes we can arrange a request, but as a rule, if your legs need assembling, you will need to fit the top to the frame on premises. The time taken to assemble a frame, the extra space required to deliver assembled, and the liability if it gets damaged (or worse) is just too much liability.

If the legs are box legs, pin legs, single legs etc, then we will try our best to help. It can often work out well to send the workshop your legs from the point of purchase, and the top + legs can be delivered together, attached – or with pre drilled holes for easy assembly. Learn a little more about single non sit/stand legs at this post here: the cheapest way to get a hand made solid wood table or desk.

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