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Solid wood desk riser pros & cons

Desk risers sit on top of a flat surface, a cost effective way of elevating the workspace to optimum height for ergonomic working. There are many designs and ideas, from simple blocks to multilevel plastic solutions.

Let’s discuss if commissioning a desk riser, made from solid walnut, oak or pine might be the best option for your requirements.

The difference between a monitor stand and a desk riser

A desk riser differs from a monitor stand by size. Both are aimed at improving the ergonomic design of the workspace. Generally a monitor stand is big enough to accommodate a secondary monitor, or a laptop, to allow for a the screen, keyboard and mouse/trackpad to all be located in the optimum positions. A desk riser is for creating a surface large enough to work on, effectively creating a new (smaller, but taller) table on top of an existing table.

Desk riser pros…

Custom height solid wood desk riser

Many off the shelf products have a number of incremental heights. The incremental adjustment can be as big as 2cm, which is a lot in terms of ergonomics. Designing your desk riser using solid wood means the height can defined to the millimetre and the strength of the unit is guaranteed.

Stable working surface

The higher the setting for a desk riser, the more unstable it can become. Even sit/stand desk frames can suffer from the dreaded wobble. Any solid wood riser will provide a steady surface for working on, no matter the dimensions. No desk riser leaves a workshop without it being rock solid, and additional support required is included within the fixed quotation price.

Custom finish desk riser

Solid wood looks good anywhere. Our desk risers can be finished with any stain or paint to make sure they fit in perfectly with your aesthetic. That might be to compliment/colour match an existing wooden desk, or perhaps to contrast against a solid colour veneer. Both can look excellent.

Note: Generally only pine is painted, pine and oak is stained, and walnut is finished using only clear wax/oil/polyurethane.

Custom design options

In addition to the finish, the set of the legs, the edge profile and shape can all be cut to your specification. Like a monitor stand, desk risers can also have inbuilt storage options underneath the working surface. The only limit is your imagination. Feel free to place an order request and reply to the acknowledgement email with a sketch of your design to include that in the fixed quotation calcuation.

Desk riser cons…

Wood desk risers are limited in range

A sit/stand desk frame will allow the height of the desk frame to increase from a seated position (approx 60-70cm) right up to a standing position. A desk riser does not have a range when located on a static top. Some plastic/metal risers do have height adjustment options, but the range is mostly to improve ergonomics, not to support sit/stand functionality.

Storing a desk riser in between working times

Often used to transform a dining table or kitchen island into a working space, a desk riser needs to be put away at the end of the working day or week. A desk riser is generally not very small and so storing it needs to be taken into consideration. Generally a wooden desk riser would be approx 10cm in height, so it can fit easily behind a door, in a cupboard, under the bed etc.

Reselling a custom sized desk riser

Reselling anything made just for you comes with it challenges. Unlike a solid wood desk top, which will mostly be within standard parameters, the desk riser could be quite unique, so too could the finish. This could be considered a negative if you only need it for a short period of time – in that case, perhaps some board games could suffice (below)!

Solid wood desk furniture

Why Solid Wood Tops?

Custom size? Same price.

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