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IKEA Idåsen alternatives (Flexispot/Furna/Yo-Yo/Fully/ConSet) – comparison table

For one reason or another, the popular Idåsen sit/stand desk frame seems to be entirely out of stock in the UK as of early September 2020. The website suggests some lucky locations will start stocking again as early as October, while other stores might not be until 2021!

So if you are in the market for a new sit/stand desk frame, what are you options with the Idåsen being out of action? First, remember your desk is an investment, it could represent a fair chunk of your office space budget; would switching to another brand to get your hands on it a few weeks earlier make a big difference to you? Your desk should see you right for the next 10 years, should your purchasing decision be based on what frame can be dispatched in the next few weeks? Only you can answer that question.

If so, this high-level comparison of other brands occupying a similar space as the Idåsen could be of some use to you.

This comparison table, ordered by price, is by no means exhaustive. It does not compare higher end frames, or hand crank frames which could also be a valid option for you if you are looking for an Idåsen alternative. It lists just 1 model by some companies, and picks out some basic metrics. Bear in mind too motor quality, stability, operating noise etc. could also factor in your decision making.

Finally, the price listed here is ex VAT, and for the frame only, we recommend you check out our solid wood table tops, compatible with most (if not all!) desk top frames.

Sit/Stand Desk Frame Feature/Price Comparison Table

Desk FramePrice (ex VAT)▲WarrantyMin HeightMax HeightMax LoadMotor countPresets
Flexispot E5£3003 years62cm125cm80kg1Yes
Ikea Idåsen£31210 years59cm124cm75kg1Yes
Furna E2£3205 years66cm131cm100kg2Yes
Yo-Yo DESK PRO 2£3575 years70cm120cm100kg2+£60
Fully Jarvis£35810 years62cm127cm158kg1+£30
ConSet 501-33£3742 years68cm118cm80kg1No

Hopefully the above table helps you some what, and does not muddy the waters further! The world of sit/stand desks can be a bit overwhelming, if you have any specific questions, feel free to contact us to talk it over. Our friends at Planet Business Interiors Ltd are also particularly knowledgable on ConSet frames.

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