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How to order a specific IKEA ‘article’ on the new IKEA website

2022 Update

Generally Ikea have made it easier to purchase just the top, or the frame, of any desk. Simply search on the site and you will see the product picture. If it’s proving a little tricky, the steps as to how to order a desk frame without the desk top are as follows:

  1. Navigate to full product (i.e. the desk) you want to buy on the IKEA website
  2. Click ‘Product details’ under the pictures
  3. Click ‘Assembly & documents’
  4. Copy the article number for the specific article (i.e. the under frame, in the black box)
  5. Paste the article number in the search bar
  6. Add that product to cart
  7. Checkout.

Why buy just the under frame of a desk?

One reason would be to upgrade an IKEA product.

Many people purchase solid wood desk tops to partner with IKEA desk frames. IKEA frames come with a good warranty, and build quality, at an affordable price. Check out our Idåsen, Bekant and Skarsta reviews.

However IKEA desk tops are made from cheap materials, and do not stand the test of time. When it comes to using monitor mounts or camera clamps, the desk tops break. Others need the desk to fit in with existing furniture, want a custom size, or are looking for a high end finish. Whatever the reason, Solid Wood Tops sell compatible desk tops at an affordable price. We guarantee a perfect fit, are happy to help you purchase just the frame from IKEA, and can talk you through the different options IKEA provide. Why not get in touch today?

Custom size? Same price.

Desk top prices are worked out using a going market rate formula. There are no extra charges for non-regular sizes. Calculate your price and order in minutes.


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IKEA desk underframe compatible desk tops

Archived Content (Pre 2022)

Many IKEA products come bundled as a series of ‘articles’, an ‘article’ can then itself have a number of ‘packages’.

What’s the difference between a package and an article?

Generally, articles have their own price and function, but packages are necessary parts of an article. You will want all the packages that make up an article, but you do not necessarily want all the articles that come with a package. One example would be desk frames and desk tops.

How to purchase an IKEA article

Purchasing a single article in store is as easy as just picking up the article you want in the warehouse; but online it can be a little trickier.

If you were previously looking to purchase just one article of an IKEA product, it was fairly straight forward. You could look under package details, copy the article number and search for it. This would then return 1 result, which could be added to basket, perfect.

Ikea have redesigned their website, making purchasing single articles a little different. Here is how you do it:

  1. Navigate to full product (i.e. the desk) you want to buy on the IKEA website
  2. Click ‘Product details’
  3. Click ‘Package details’
  4. Copy the article number for the specific article (i.e. the under frame)
  5. Go to the shopping cart
  6. Click on ‘Add a product by article number’
  7. Paste the number
  8. Click ‘Add article’
  9. Checkout.

If you experience any issues with purchasing your Idåsen, Bekant or Skarsta desk frame, feel free to call our sales support number, we are happy to help.