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Using sliders instead of an anti-fatigue mat – 2 years on

It’s been nearly 2 years since I wrote about how those of us who work from home can save some serious money, and office floor real estate, by using sliders instead of a full size anti-fatigue mat. (You can enter the time machine here: The best anti-fatigue standing-desk mat isn’t a mat, and is only around £18)

Since then sliders have actually come down in price (after their short lived popularity as a fashion item) and so 2 years on, I would still recommend the idea. Sliders offer better foot support, are made of better material than most mats, take up no storage space, and don’t clutter your office. Win/win, win… win.

All that said, I have since moved house and also changed my standing-whilst-working habits; as a result, I have some updates to share.

Who needs a chair?

A related newspaper worthy blog post entitled ‘The best office chair isn’t a chair, and is only around £15’ chronicled my gradual departure from the office norm. I used a chair less and less, then an exercise ball, and now? Nothing at all. I stand 100% of my working day.

I wouldn’t recommend this to everyone, but it seems to be an inevitable destination to those who are that way inclined. If your body is telling you sit down, you should probably listen to it. If your posture is good, and your standing muscles have been honed, you might find that your reliance on chairs dwindles to the point getting rid of it all together, after all, a decent office chair will cost hundreds!

The end result of this in relation to sliders as an anti-fatigue mat? I am using sliders all day, every day.

Who needs a carpet?

Most people. In the UK anyway. After moving house, and standing more and more, I noticed that my new office carpet was taking the toll. Although my knees and back weren’t screaming for relief, my underlay was. The new carpet/underlay combination was not coping well, leaving visible footprints that would take the whole weekend to disappear.

I needed a slider/carpet buffer, which doesn’t exist in it’s own right, so, was I back in the market for a traditional anti-fatigue mat?

Enter the gym mat.

Anti-fatigue mats these days are pretty complex (read: pricey). They have all sorts of shapes and mouldings, lots of claims about blood circulation and changing your life. They are also generally quite big, and never square. I needed something just to stand on, my particular need was for a square mat (as I have a drawer pack under my desk frame and not a huge amount of space).

Whilst looking at a whole range of different floor protectors, mats and even considering ripping up the flooring to my office, I stumbled across the humble gym mat tile. Often smaller (60cm square) and purchased in packs of 4 or 6 (something like this), the can fit together like jigsaw pieces to create the exact shape needed. Sure, they are not made of the thickest, sturdiest material. Nor are there claims about blood circulation. But I’m only looking for a ‘slider/carpet buffer™!*

So far, so good.

My gym tiles are saving my carpet, my sliders are saving my feet, and my gym ball has since been sold on Gumtree. I’ll be sure to get back in touch in another 2 years to update you on the latest.

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