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How to commission a custom sized, solid wood L-shaped desk

L-shaped desks can be a great way to maximise space in an office, and can be perfect for setting up a workspace for 2 people. L-shaped desk tops and frames are bigger, more complex, and therefore more expensive than standard desks. Our previous post ‘L’ Shaped/3 Leg/Corner Desks & an alternative that could save £££s discusses which sit/stand frames could be a good fit for your project, and also how to save money on both the frame and desk top with what we call a ‘mini return’.

This post aims to demystify how to order an L-shaped desk top from us, and it will also provide some advice for L-shaped desk legs when you do not need sit/stand functionality, and finally a few tips that might be helpful.

How to commission an L-shaped desk top

Ordering an L-shaped desk top on our site involves adding 3 products to your basket:

2 desk tops are joined together for a small fee. When joining the tops together, we also offer some options:

Join Type

Choose between either a standard join or a mitre join. There is no charge for the join type, however a mitre join will require more wood, which will need to be reflected in the two table top dimensions when adding those to cart.

If a standard join is required, be careful not to duplicate the amount of wood in the corner. For instance, you may have the sketch as below. The red top will need to be 1800x400mm, but the blue top should not be 1800mm in length, you can subtract the depth of the first top, in this case 400mm from the length, to equal 1400mm.

Inside Corner

There are 3 options for the inside corner. A square inside corner is the natural result when the two tops are fitted together. A triangle, or curved piece of wood can fitted to the square inside corner. The extra cost covers the wood and the time needed to fit it. If you have a preference on the radius of the curve, or the size of the triangle, please let us know in the order notes at checkout/on the sketch you upload (optional).


It can be very useful for the workshop to see a sketch of how the desk should look. Our L shaped desk tops are made from Grade A solid wood, with no pilot holes, so the desk can be flipped either way. That said, a sketch can orient the desk (left/right hand return) so we can make the best choices when it comes to working with any natural grain features.

Note: Upload the sketch when adding the L Shaped Table Top Extra Labour Charge to basket so we do not confuse the sketch with a custom shape request and charge you extra by accident (which we of course would refund).

What legs to use for an L-shaped desk

If the L-shaped desk needs to be sit/stand, then take a look at this post. If the desk frame does not need to go up and down, then there are 3 options (detailed below). The options can also be combined. The legs should be able to fit to the top using wood screws. Make sure the length of the screws used do not exceed the thickness of the top.

Legs can be sent directly to us, and we can fit them ready for delivery. (If the desk cannot be delivered in one piece, it might be best to fit them in the room yourself.)

Individual legs

We can make solid removable wooden legs in matching oak, pine or walnut. Our customers have had success with these hair pin legs and wooden legs, but you can buy similar ones from all sorts of retailers. They can be configured as pictured above in the first image. The blue circles are optional and depend on the size and thickness of the table top.

Box legs

Industrial box legs, A frame, Z/X frame, V frame etc etc are very popular. They are often fitted using the configuration show above, marked in red.


We can provide solid wood supporting battens (or you can source them yourself) to trace along a wall. The batten does not need to be the full length of the desk top, but it is important to make sure the wall is strong enough to support the weight of the desk top. Depending on the wall and exact shape of the desk top, it could be advisable to have some additional supporting individual legs at the extremities, as shown by the red markings on the third image, shown above.

Things to bear in mind when ordering an L-shaped desk top


The foot print of an L-shaped desk top can be very big. If your top is over 3000mm and 1600mm, then please get in touch with us before ordering. Think too about if you can physically get the L-shaped desk top into your house, and into the room. If not, we can provide the 2 tops with Desk top bolt connectors to assemble in the room.

Unsupported length

Desk tops need to be adequately supported by a frame, legs or battens. How thick does a solid wood desk top need to be?

Corner radius

If your top includes some rounded corners, be sure to upload a sketch to let us know which corners should be rounded. You only need to specify rounded corners on 1 top when adding to basket if the amount of rounded corners in total is 4 or less.

Shallow depths

If the depth of one of the tops is 400mm or less, feel free to use our Custom Size Solid Wood Shelves instead of a desk top for a slightly cheaper total.

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