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The best anti-fatigue standing-desk mat isn’t a mat, and is only around £18

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Standing for extended periods of time can be tiring. As you stand at your desk more and more, it becomes easier and easier. You should listen to your body and switch positions frequently. Ideally you can gradually train your body to default to an active stance, so a standing position becomes comfortable for you. A barrier to this could be your feet. If you feet ache, you naturally just want to sink into your comfy chair, which is literally 1 metre away.

It’s such a shame when your feet give up first. Which is why many people invest in anti-fatigue standing-desk mats, ergonomic comfort mats/pads to help with foot and back pain whilst standing, like the Prism Anti Fatigue Mat. They are generally made of plastic, with a mixture of gel/foam layers depending on the brand/price point. The highest accolade I have heard about standing mat? It’s “like standing on a cloud, wearing cloud shoes”. So why not wear cloud shoes? Adidas ‘Cloudfoam’ to be precise.

Just get yourself a decent pair of sliders.

I would recommend the Adidas Adilette Slip-On Slides. Why?

  • They are made from similar materials to the anti-fatigue mats you find on amazon
  • They don’t get in the way of your chair when you’re sitting
  • They have been expertly designed by people who know what they are doing when it comes to looking after your feet.

The main benefit with the for me with the Adidas Adilette sliders came with the arch support. I will try to explain what I have experienced, but I have no medical background. These sliders seem to support not just the ‘Medial Longitude Arch’, the one we often think of (highlighted in white below), but I found the they give incredible support to the ‘Transverse Arch’, the padded section at the heads of the metatarsals (highlighted in red below).

You can see on pictures of the product the raised section where the ‘Transverse Arch’ is. Before purchasing these sliders, I was experiencing a strange pain around that area. Lock down seemed to make the situation worse, I wasn’t walking as much as normal, but my feet were hurting in this strange way. Due to this arch causing me pain, it actually took about 1 week to get used to wearing the Adidas Adilette slider on my left foot, but now, the pain has gone, and the sliders feel really comfortable.

I have removed all the comfort mats from my Amazon Wish List, if anything changes I will let you know. How have you got on? I would love to hear your thought over on our Facebook page.

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