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FlexiSpot Sit/Stand Desk Reviews for UK buyers

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FlexiSpot were among the first brand name to market for super affordable sit/stand desks (their first flagship product was a standing desk converter). So their initial USP was effectively price point, at the start the space was purely high end ergonomic companies, but in recent years much cheaper brands have sprung up. So with many other budget sit/stand desks on Amazon etc, would you choose FlexiSpot?

Across the board they offer a 5 year warranty. For electric models, you get a 3 year warranty on the motor, and 3 customisable height presets. This is super useful and usually reserved for the more pricey frames.

Reviews – looks can be deceiving

Due to their low price point, many of our customers have mentioned that the bought the desk frame on a whim. Then when researching later, became worried as they saw a plethora negative reviews. (i.e. their Trustpilot page right now sits at an unconvincing 3.0). We have found is actually not a major cause for concern. Because if you trawl through the reviews, you will find most people have a problem with their logistics, and not necessarily the product itself. Complaints mainly centre around their delivery (though in our experience, customers often receive their desk frames within days); remember, many companies have really struggled with this aspect of their business during COVID-19.

In the UK the FlexiSpot offering is not as comprehensive as in the US; there is lots of negative feedback quality of these add ons (i.e. castor wheels etc). For the average UK consumer, we have found you can negate both problems if you purchase through Amazon. Prime delivery on the standard desk frame leaves much less room for error.

Model comparisons

We would distill their offering down to the following choices, let’s run through the key points to help you find out if one is right for you.

48inch ‘Hand Crank Sit/Stand Desk Frame

We love manual crank desks. One less cable, and no motor to wear out. Cable management with all FlexiSpot desks is not very elegant.

  • Price: £179-£199 on Amazon
  • Key feature: Manual crank
  • Good to know: Check the colour variation/price! The black frame is £20 more expensive, and the grey is Prime enabled.
  • Our verdict: Ikea Skarsta offers better stability, from a better brand, at a cheaper price.

E1NW ‘Small’ Electric Sit/Stand Desk Frame

Good value for money and not much competition in this “super small” category.

  • Price: £229 on Amazon
  • Key feature: Small.
  • Good to know: This runs on a single motor, don’t over load the desk.
  • Our verdict: Worth the money. ConSet offer smaller and better frames, but they are double the price.

ED2B ‘Medium Electric Sit/Stand Desk Frame

Quiet dual motor sit/stand desk with anti-collision technology is very impressive at this price point.

  • Price: £299 on Amazon
  • Key feature: Dual motor.
  • Good to know: L shaped model (E3LB) available for an extra £100.
  • Our verdict: Stability isn’t great, but it’s closest competitor would probably be the Ikea Bekant, which is no better and doesn’t have the nice features.

E5B ‘Robust Electric Sit/Stand Desk Frame

Uprated dual motor would make this a natural choice for users with lots of heavy peripherals (monitor mounts, camera clamps, speakers etc). This frame also goes a little lower and higher than the other models.

  • Price: £359 on Amazon
  • Key feature: Heavy duty (125kg load)
  • Good to know: The E5 is already discontinued in America, there is a chance it won’t be in the UK for much longer.
  • Our verdict: The Ikea Idasen has an even better motor (Linak linear actuator system) at a similar price.

E6 ‘Premium Electric Sit/Stand Desk Frame

This is getting to the top end for FlexiSpot, improved stability, but should that not have been their major concern throughout the range?

  • Price: £399 on Amazon
  • Key feature: Impact Stop System
  • Good to know: Stock and purchase options are quite tricky with this model.
  • Our verdict: At this price we advise looking into ConSet or Fully frames with a much better build quality value.

FlexiSpot Table/Desk Tops

FlexiSpot cut 2 major corners to come in so cheap. Firstly, stability. Secondly, table top quality.

The latter isn’t surprising. Desk tops are an inconvenient thorn to their business model (stack ‘em high, sell ‘em cheap), awkward to ship and easily damaged. BadSeed Tech (a prominent YouTube reviewer) does a great all round review, it’s worth checking out. He is particularly damning toward the desk top (at 1min 20secs – 2mins), but overall he does not recommend the FlexiSpot (probably the E5B).

A look inside budget table tops

That said, any entry level desk top from any sit/stand desk frame company is not going to blow you away. They will not withstand use with monitor mounts and camera clamps, they will have a poor finish, they will not look unique or have that ‘wow factor’. An easy way to make the most of the cheaper frame, is to invest in the top separately, upgrade the FlexiSpot to look like (and have the benefits of) a truly premium piece of kit.

Finally, avoid the accessories

Research and purchase better quality accessories individually. Of course it’s convenient to add all their versions to the same cart, at the same time, but taking the time to invest in considered purchases will ensure that despite the frame being cheaper, your home office still looks the part and will serve you right for years to come.

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