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The best minimum and maximum height desk frames

Why is the height of a desk important?

Ergonomics! If you are 5′ 3″ (160cm) or less, depending on your chair, likely the standard minimum height of 71cm could get uncomfortable, constantly raising your hands above the ideal 90 degrees is going to start to strain the shoulders and maybe the desk edge will start to dig into your forearms. More young people are now studying more from home, considering the ergonomics of their desk could be a wise decision. If you are above 6′ 2″ (188cm) the same thing can happen in reverse, stooping to the level of your desk is also going to strain your shoulders and neck.

Sit/stand desks often offer a much smaller minimum height, and always taller maximum height than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Also, investing in a sit/stand desk would mean children won’t grow out of the desk, leading to another purchase in the future. Here we discuss the best sit/stand frames for smaller/taller people, and some fixed alternatives for different styles and budgets.


Sit/stand desk frames height comparison

If you are looking for a frame that caters to your ideal height, here is a list of mid range sit/stand frames that have a smaller than average (71cm) minimum height and height that will suit particularly tall people sitting (extra tall people might be looking at above 120cm standing). This comparison article has the same desks compared below, but with a few additional metrics.

Tall User Tip: If you wanted to eke out a few extra centimetres to increase the height of the desk whilst standing, certain desk frame manufacturers like ConSet are great for adding caster wheels to the frame. The wheels can raise the entire frame by a few centimetres which could be of use for taller users whilst standing at the desk.

Desk FramePrice (ex VAT)▲Min HeightMax Height
Flexispot E5£30062cm125cm
Ikea Idåsen£31259cm124cm
Furna E2£32066cm131cm
Yo-Yo DESK PRO 2£35770cm120cm
Fully Jarvis£35862cm127cm
ConSet 501-33£37468cm118cm

Extra small/large fixed height desk frame

If a sit/stand desk frame is not quite right for you, a custom sized fixed height frame could be a workable option for you.

We can make solid oak removable legs at your exact specified height for £200 inc VAT. Generally customers like to tell us the overall height they require, and we work out depth of the top etc. Our oak legs are 60mm square, fixed to the table top by running a small skirt around the underneath of the top, similar to that of a dining table, the oak legs are fixed to the skirt for strength but are removable. These legs can be bought along side a custom sized table top product.

Alternatively, you can get industrial steel legs at any size, made in many styles (Trapezium, Square, V/A/X-Frame etc) with bespoke steel fabrication. We can arrange a quote for you, and get the legs delivered to our workshop for fitting before hand delivering to your location in mainland UK. Legs can be finished in a number of ways, ensuring they look exactly right, wether that be powder-coated, clear finished or left as they are for the industrial look.

A final, super economical option could the Ikea adjustable legs, OLOV (white) and GERTON (chrome finish). The OLOV ranges from 60cm to 90cm, and the GERTON ranges from 67cm to 107cm. The max load for both these legs is on the low side, though they are likely being fairly conservative, coming in at 12-13kg per leg, so ~50kg total. A 1200x700x23mm oak desk would weigh ~15kg leaving ~35kg for the desk load.

You need to consider the height of your chair and desk together. Our article ‘Don’t forget to sit at your sit/stand desk’ goes into some specifics about how you should be sitting, so when you find a chair that ensures you are sitting correctly, you are ready to work out the perfect desk height.

Sit naturally on the chair and set your arms at a right angle without raising or straining your shoulder muscles in any way. Measure from your elbow (not your hands) to the floor. We would recommend looking around as you can find other resources on the correct table height that might give you more advice, or advice that suits you better.

If you were thinking of investing in a sit/stand frame, our article ‘Standing desk posture tips’ might help with finding out your perfect standing height.

Don’t forget the desk top!

If you are going to the effort of getting a custom height frame made, make sure you factor in how thick your desk top is going to be. We make solid wood pine, walnut and oak desk tops ranging from 18mm to 40mm in thickness. Most MDF tops would be around 18mm to 23mm thick, this needs to be added on to any minimum/maximum height provided by the desk frame manufacturer.

Solid wood tops are not only durable and long lasting, they also look great and we can customise their shape and style to your exact requirements. Take a look at some examples below.

Ergonomic accessories

Once your hands and wrists are at the right level to the desk, it is important to ensure that your chin and neck are looking straight ahead. Our custom sized monitor stand can help elevate your monitor from the desk level. Alternatively, monitor mounts could be the way to go for your particular set up.

Why Solid Wood Tops?

Custom size? Same price.

Desk top prices are worked out using a going market rate formula. There are no extra charges for non-regular sizes. Calculate your price and order in minutes.


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