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How to order a custom shape solid wood table top

Sometimes a standard rectangle or square desk/table top just won’t work for a space. Maybe it physically can’t fit or it impedes a doorway. Maybe it needs to fit into a specific alcove or bay window. Maybe it should look interesting. Maybe it’s location requires a cut away at the back for cable management.

Solid wood is perfect for custom shaped desk tops

Cutting an existing desk top to a custom shape whilst maintain its finish can be very difficult. Some standard desk tops are made from honey comb cardboard structures, cutting the outside plastic coating is not an option. Other desk tops are made from MDF; whilst cutting the top is possible, reattaching the veneer is very difficult.

We cut our custom shapes by hand using an array of carpentry techniques and tools for just £36 inc VAT. We have highly skilled cabinet makers who can take your concept and turn it into a reality.

How to order your custom shape desk top

It can be quite daunting to sketch out a custom shape if you have never done it before. Here are some basic principles:

Measurements not angles

If you require an acute or obtuse angle on one or more of your corners, focus on providing measurements for the length of the parallel sides and allow the angle to work itself out.

I.e. instead of providing the angle (x) or (u) in the illustration, or instead of working out the length of (c), just provide the length of (a) and (b), and the rest will take care of itself.

Computer generated diagrams not required

Clear measurements are often all we use to create your custom shape. Feel free to sketch out your custom shape with whatever tools you feel comfortable, a simple pen/paper drawing is more than adequate in most circumstances.

We do not generally use CNC routers or other machinery which requires certain file formats to run. Very complex diagrams often contain much more information than is needed.

Measuring corner radius

This video is useful, though not produced by us. Or you can download this A4 PDF, either print out or imagine at A4 size to work out your radius.

We check your design for free

Feel free to place your order with your best effort. When each order comes in we check it thoroughly. We will be able to spot if we need more information or feel there are any concerns to be raised. We do our very best to make sure the sketch provided is viable and are also happy to answer any questions ahead of the order, just send your sketch to us by email. All for just £36 inc VAT.

J shaped vs L shaped tops

A J shaped top has a smaller return than an L shaped top, and often it has a large or particularly shaped inside curve.

Sometimes it makes sense to cut a custom shape instead of join 2 desk tops together (which would be an L shaped top).

Feel free to drop us an email to see which is the recommended or most economical way of creating your desk top idea.

You might also want to consider what we call the ‘mini-return’, which combines a custom shape and a second desk top, but no join.

Examples of custom shaped desk top/table tops

Examples of custom shaped desk top sketches

Order your bespoke custom shaped desk top today for just £36 inc VAT.

Order your custom shape solid wood desk top

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