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5 key factors to consider when buying a sit/stand desk frame

“Which sit/stand desk frame would you recommend?”

As long as we have specialised in making solid wood tops for height adjustable desk frames we have been asked that question.

It is easy to see why. In recent years this decision has been made harder as the choice has increased. We have collated 5 key factors to consider to help you make a good decision without spending weeks researching:


This is a huge factor, and will likely determine what desk frame you end up with.

As such, we have written an entire post about it here: How much should you spend on a sit/stand desk frame? The current sit/stand desk frame market seems to have three tiers where we have noticed a marked difference in offering: £200-500, £500-1000 and £1000+.

Branded components

Many frames have little to differentiate them, especially if you take away the desk top (we make solid wood desk tops to fit most sit/stand frames, upgrading the top of your desk is a great investment and makes a huge difference to the room).

An easy identifying mark of quality is if the desk frame uses branded components. This does not mean frames that only use in-house parts are deficient; but most manufactures will put branded components into their higher end offerings. E.g. Ikea put a LINAK motor in their Idåsen frames.

If a manufacturer uses a LINAK motor or other branded parts (like switches, controls etc), it could mean that they are distributors or in someway affiliated. It could also indicate that the company are using the best parts for the job and are not cutting corners.

Lifting capacity

The amount of weight you need the desk to support could also shape the desk frame you purchase. Remember most weight limits include the MDF top, so you can add about 10-15kg depending on the size of top.

Most users will not require a large lifting capacity. Don’t feel that a desk frame is better or worse because of the amount it can lift, just make sure it will cover your requirements, both now and in the future. Which leads us on to future proofing…

Future proofing

Given the cost, most people purchase a sit/stand desk with 5 to 10 years of use in mind. These frames are also items that use a lot of resources, and have often come (in part at least) from China. It makes sense to not view these products as disposable.

Extendable cross beams mean that if your desk size requirements change, you can simply buy a new top. Most frames can be attached to tops with wood screws very easily.

We make tops of any shape and size, making the most of bay windows and large offices. Smaller desks sell better on second hand websites, and can be moved around your home, or fit into a new home easier. Some customers prefer to have two smaller desks that fit together seamlessly, rather than than one very large desk.

Keeping the colour of the frame and desk top neutral will help it fit into your office no matter how many times you redecorate. Again, it will also help with resale if you are forced to part company with it before it’s time is up!

Buying a desk with hard waring parts will also mean it sticks around longer. Have you tried taking down and putting up a flat pack wardrobe more than twice? Hardwood desk tops help in this regard. Even when fixing together with wood screws, a solid oak top can withstand being reattached many, many times in the same area.


A final factor to consider in this post is the guarantee. The components most likely to need the warranty are the motor or switches.

Generally a frame will offer a minimum of 2 years, and a maximum of 10 years. There are exceptions. It is important to notice exactly what is under warranty. For instance, some very long warranties only cover the integrity of the steel frame, but the give no warranty on the motor.

Other factors

There are lots of factors to consider, you may have other criteria, these posts might help:

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