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How much should you spend on a sit/stand desk frame?

In recent years more desk frame options and brands have flooded the sit/stand market. Even cheaper sit/stand desk frames can represent a considerable investment, so it’s natural you want to make the right decision. We are not affiliated with any desk frame manufacturer, and so can be impartial with our assessment. (We hand make solid oak, walnut and pine desk tops, as shown below).

Setting aside desk frames for L shaped desks, the current sit/stand desk frame market seems to have three tiers where we have noticed a marked difference in offering: £200-500, £500-1000 and £1000+.

A word about desk frames under £200

If your budget is around or below £200, it might be best to look into the manual crank options rather than electric motor frames. Removing the motor and electrical component complexity from the frame can ensure that the available budget goes on a product that will have a reasonable life span; and not cause you issues later with burnt out motors or faulty parts.

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Sit/stand desk frames for £200-500

The budget end has a myriad of imported frames. They can be purchased direct or though Ebay/Amazon etc.

These frames tend to have a number of features: dual motors, collision detection, preset heights etc. They can typically be bought from their country of origin for approx $80-90 per unit when bought in quantities of around 100 (we are approached every day by manufacturers). Importing companies can then add their logo and start retailing them quite easily, resulting in the apparent overload of choice in the market.

Tip: When buying frames in this price range, try to find the manufacturers and models that don’t offer all the bells and whistles. I.e. home offices do not generally require dual motors.

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Height adjustable desk frames for £500-1000

The next level are often at least partially fabricated in the country they are sold, and they often contain some branded parts.

The feature set on these frames is often less than the budget frames, i.e. they may only have a single motor, no collision detection etc. The extra cost goes on local work force, customer service and higher quality components. This level also contains the budget offering from more well known/expensive manufactures.

Tip: Don’t look over smaller companies that have been making desk frames for many years, they often are good to ask for advice with a key differentiator being good customer service.

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Adjustable Height desk frames over £1000

The top tier is often reserved for the brands that have made height adjustable desks for years. They tend to be targeted towards the business sector rather than home office. You start to get all the extra functionality as well as the build quality.

Tip: Search out the UK representative for non-UK brands, they often can give more impartial advice as to as the best model for your needs.

Other things to budget for

Investing in a desk frame is important, but a major contributor to the aesthetic of the office space will come from the desk top.

We hand make solid wood desk tops that fit on your desk frame. Most desk frame manufactures allow you to purchase the desk frame on it’s own (Bring Your Own Desktop). Pair the right frame for your needs and budget with a solid wood top, to either complement your investment, or transform a more modest frame into a high end centre piece for your office that will last for years to come.

You also might need to think about:

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