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Adding custom features to your desk top: trims, cable trays, drawers etc

Many customers have grand designs for their custom sized solid wood desk top. Previous posts have discussed choosing the right wood, cutting the top to a custom shape, accessories to go with your solid wood desk top, waterproofing, and also a full run down of the basic configuration options we offer when placing your order. But what if you want more?

It is not very helpful for most of our customers to drill down into all the bells and whistles for every order, so the standard options when commissioning your top are limited. We do place some of the extras for general sale within our Extras/Accessories category, these include:

How to commission your custom idea

Not many of us are good with 3D modelling or technical drawings, so how can you get your idea from your head into your office? The first step is to get in touch with us. We have likely made something similar in the past, or are excited to try and make something new. We can support you through the process, tapping into our workshop’s experience to ensure your design works in practicality and comes in on budget.

Find below the kind of information that is often useful for us to put together a quote:

A picture paints a thousand words

If you have seen something you like on Pinterest or another store, send us the link or some pictures. Having a visual reference puts us all on the same page, even if it comes with a number of alterations.

Measurements and wood types

All our prices are first and foremost based on the cost of the wood. We need to know how much wood we need for your order. Not just the size needed, but also which type of wood. We might come back to you with suggestions (upgrade to a harder wood, or downgrade to a softer wood etc), but it’s good for you to put your best case scenario forward.

You can learn about which woods we often work with in our post: How to choose the right solid wood for your desk. In terms of budget, pine is cheapest, then Asian Hardwood, Oak and finally Walnut. We can work with other wood on request.

Consider your legs/frame

Under desk extras like drawers or cable trays can be fitted by us in the workshop, however if you have a custom frame or have not told us where the frame will be fitted, it is possible for these elements to clash with the frame.

If you plan on using a frame that we are familiar with, we will often double check this for you, but the sit/stand desk frame market now has no many models, it’s impossible for us to know them all!

We are here to help!

All things considered, the main message is to get in touch. We have a team of cabinet makers with decades of experience, most ideas can be brought to life, the first step is to send us an email!

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